Krupasagar Homestay

A homely stay in Tarkarli

Just 4 Minutes walk from the beach

Krupasagar Homestay
A cozy homestay in Tarkarli

Tarkarli is about 35 kms off the NH 17 from Kudal just before reaching Sindhudurg town. Tarkarli shot into fame after M.T.D.C started the beach resort in Tarkarli and declared Tarkarli as one of the premiere beach destination in Maharashtra. The backwaters of Karli river running parallel to the sea imparts Tarkarli an almost surreal beauty.

  • Tarkarli Beach

    Tarkarli Beach

    A sea side sojourn

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Tarkarli beach is part of a long stretch of fine white sand beach which extends to Wayari to its north and extends upto Devbaug Sangam where the Karli river meets the arabian sea to its south. The entire stretch of Tarkarli beach is almost 8 kms long. Wayari the nearest beach from Krupasagar homestay is located just north of Tarkarli beach.

An extension of the Tarkarli beach, Devbaug lies to the south of Tarkarli and extends upto the Devbaug Sangam point. Devbaug is a small fishing hamlet blessed with a fine white sand beach. Tsunami island and Devbaug Sangam which is the hub of watersports in Tarkarli, are the main attractions in Devbaug.

Krupasagar Homestay
A cozy homestay in Tarkarli

Tarkarli is amongst the very few places in the country where you could indulge in SCUBA diving. M.T.D.C identified the region near Sindhudurg fort abundant with coral reefs as the primary site for snorkeling and SCUBA Diving in Maharashtra. The start point of SCUBA diving in Tarkarli is about 10 minutes from Krupasagar homestay.

  • SCUBA Diving in Tarkarli

    SCUBA Diving in Tarkarli

    Explore the underwater marine life